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        SHORT TERM

        Summer/Winter Programs

        Guizhou Normal University annually offers summer programmes as a part of its devotion to a more enhanced global education. The summer programmes provide overseas college students with hands-on opportunities to learn the Chinese language and experience the cultural and academic life in China . Since the programmes were first initiated, they have continued to develop and be enriched with more unique and diverse activities, while attracting more participants every year.
        These short-term, intensive programmes mainly consist of lectures, presentations, cultural sessions and field trips to cultural and historic places in general. Through the programmes, international students will have opportunities to better understand the dynamic aspects of the Chinese society and the relevant majors.
        The following are more details for your reference:

        Academic Program:
        (1) Chinese language classes are arranged on mutual negotiation (5 days a week), covering the courses ranging from Intensive Reading, Extensive reading, Listening to Spoken Chinese etc. or according to the student’ needs

        (2) lectures are given on Chinese culture and Guizhou minority people’ culture, such as:
        Brief introduction to the History of China
        Introduction to Guizhou ProvinceTraditional Chinese MusicChinese Watercolor PaintingTai ji (a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing)Chinese Martial ArtsChinese CustomsCalligraphy
        Minorities (Miao, Dong and Buji, etc) Culture in Guizhou Province

        (3) Chinese practice
        Chinese students are invited to help foreign students practice Chinese and to share cultural experiences.


        The tourist programs can be arranged for the students upon mutual agreement:

        (1) Short trips: Huaxi Park (a natural park, known as “the pearl of the plateau” with rivers, mountains, trees and flowers);

        Qing Yan Town (an ancient town with its cultural heritage of stone gates, old city walls, temples, churches and Zhuang Yuan’s Home, etc. Zhuang Yuan is the title conferred on the only man who came first in the highest imperial examination in the history of Guizhou);

        Qian Ling Park (a natural park with the highest mountain and biggest temple in Guizhou);

        Under-ground Park (a typical calcium cave);
        Gao Po Miao Village (a village on the top of a high mountain with cave burial grounds, ancient battle fields and the beautiful architecture of traditional Miao people’s houses);
        Zheng Shan Village (a Buyi village with stone-roofed houses and colourful Buyi people’s customs)
        Sky Pool Park (a natural park with rivers, mountains, caves, water mills and water wheels);Visiting a local middle school;
        Visiting a batik factory (tradition of the ethnic nationalities in Guizhou);
        Marketing Day (The farmers from near and far take their products to the market on Sundays. It is the busiest and loveliest day of the week in the Huaxi area);
        Picnic in Huaxi Reservoir Park.

        (2) Long trips on weekends Huangguoshu Waterfall---Tianxing Bridge Park ---Dragon Palace
        The world famous waterfall is 74 meters in height and 81 meters in width. A dozen on-land and under-ground waterfalls form a magnificent waterfall group. Flying waterfalls, Stone forests in the pools are scattered everywhere. The Dragon Palace, a magnificent water cave, is the largest calcium water cave discovered in China.)
        Hongfeng Lake
        It is 35 km. away from Guiyang city. Visitors are always found lingering about its beautiful mountains, caves and dotted islets. The lake is surrounded by Miao and Dong villages.

        Xiangzi Ditch
        The workshops of hand-made bamboo paper with traditional skill are located on both sides of the Xiangzi Ditch. Visitors enjoy riding horses along the ditch, inspecting the workshops.Zhijin Cave
        Another big cave with different shapes of beautiful stalactite mouldings, is regarded by experts as one of the most valuable examples of calcium caves in the world.
        Zunyi City
        It is the second largest city in Guizhou. In January 1935, during the Chinese Red Army’s Long March, the world famous Zunyi Meeting was held here, which created a most important page in the history of the Chinese Revolution.
        (3) Travel outside the Province also can be arranged.

        (1) Tuition: RMB1000 per person for a 2-week program or RMB2000 for a 4-week program.

        (2) Lodging, food, travel, interpreters, tour guides etc. are negotiable according to the number of students, length of study, class hours, rout of trip, and change of market price, etc.

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